Our portal is designed to offer you the maximum flexibility with regards to our studies and how we interact with you. For example:

  • Complete control of your personal data – beyond a few mandatory details, it is up to you how much additional information you wish to provide to us.
  • All studies that match to your specialty are located in one, easily accessible place with all the details that you need to know about that study.
  • You choose when you want to receive your payment for the studies you complete – you can redeem incentives immediately after completing a study or you can save and redeem your incentives at a time convenient to you.
  • Know in advance about our upcoming studies, and be able to already indicate your interest in them, prior to them actually starting.
  • See the status of your participation in studies in real time.
  • See which studies you have completed in the portal and which of those you have received payment for.
  • Store your preferred payment methods to make redeeming incentives an even quicker process.
  • Send us feedback/messages directly from within the portal with our bespoke and intuitive messaging system.
  • Indicate how or if you wish us to communicate with you beyond the usual emails – e.g. SMS, WhatsApp, phone etc.
  • Indicate if you want to receive study update notifications on your device even when you do not have the site open.
  • Install our app directly onto your PC or mobile device via a convenient option within the portal.
  • Receive in-app notifications regarding study updates via the in-built notification window.